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Blocked drain

The solution to problems with blocked drains

Fast Away Services (UK) Ltd is the company to call.

Need an expert in clearing blocked drains?
Fast Away Services (UK) Ltd is th company to call

Fast Away Services (UK) Ltd understands how inconvenient a drain blockage can be, which is why we aim to reach all our customers quickly. From blocked drains, sinks, toilets, blocked soils, vent pipes, inlet pipes and outlet pipes, we can help you with everything.


Our team has hands-on experience with a range of drainage problems and strive to deliver the best results with minimal disruption to your life. We use only up-to-date equipment and the latest technology to ensure the job is completed as fast as possible.

Clear sink

Fast Away Services (UK) Ltd can help with:

Clearing blocked drains

Domestic and commercial
Speedy and professional service
Wide service area

Where do we cover

Fast Away Services (UK) Ltd have teams operating all across the Midlands and South Yorkshire.




Close-up of plumber with wrench doing repairing work

Let us unblock your drains

If you are worried you have a blocked drain, don't delay, get in touch with us

Fast Away Services (UK) Ltd provides 24/7 drain unblocking services, get in touch with us on: 0800 515 856

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