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Rodent pest control

Fast Away Services (UK) Ltd can help with all types of rodent pest control.

Have you got a problem with rodents?
Contact the experienced team at Fast Away Services (UK) Ltd

Usually problems with rodents involve mice, squirrels or rats, these can be very difficult pests to completely eliminate, so if you are having a problem with them, just give Fast Away Services (UK) Ltd a call and we will be able to help.


We are an experienced pest control business with an excellent reputation. We work across a wide area throughout the Midlands and South Yorkshire, working with homeowners and commercial organisations alike. Left untreated, rodents can cause considerable damage to properties, so if you are concerned about your property, just get in touch.

Brown Rat

We can deal with most rodents, including:


24/7 service

Fast Away Services (UK) Ltd provides our services 24/7 for your convenience, meaning we are always on hand if you have a problem.




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Don't let rodents become a problem

Call the rodent pest control experts a call instead

For help with rodent pest control, get in touch with the team at Fast Away Services (UK) Ltd. 

For a competitive quote, call us today on 0800 515 856.

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