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We provide bug pest control across the Midlands and South Yorkshire.

Have you got a problem with bugs?
The solution is Fast Away Services (UK) Ltd

Fast Away Services (UK) Ltd is a well known pest control expert, working across a wide area throughout the Midlands and South Yorkshire. We have more than 25-years of experience, providing a speedy solution for problems with insects and bugs. Whether it’s a problem in your home or a commercial property, just give us a call and we will be able to help. We can also provide advice on how to prevent further bug infestations, it’s all part of the service. We always give very competitive quotes, so whatever the problem, just contact our team and your problem will become ours.

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We can help with many different types of bug

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Non-toxic solutions

 Fast Away Services (UK) Ltd is always mindful of our environmental responsibilities. All our materials and environmentally friendly and non-toxic to humans.

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Make your problem with bugs our problem

Insect problems are not only annoying but unhygienic as well

But don’t worry, the solution is just a call away. For domestic and commercial bug pest control, get in touch with Fast Away Services (UK) Ltd on 0800 515856.