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Single wasp

Bee and wasp removal from Fast Away Services (UK) Ltd

For bee and wasp control across the Midlands and South Yorkshire, just get in touch.

Keep your property clear of wasps and bees
With the help of Fast Away Services (UK) Ltd

Being stung by a wasp or bee is not only an unpleasant experience, under certain circumstances it can be a life threatening one as well. If you are worried your home or business premises have a problem with a wasp or bees nest, then it makes sense to give an expert a call as soon as possible.


Fast Away Services (UK) Ltd is very experienced with bees and wasps, providing our removal services across South Yorkshire and the Midlands. Please note, with bees, we will need to determine if these are honeybees as honeybees need to be dealt with by a qualified beekeeper. Using our services is really easy, just give us a call and we will arrange a convenient time to visit your premises.

Macro view of a wasp

Fast Away Services (UK) Ltd can help with:

Wasp removal
Bee removal
We can also identify when you have honeybees
We will then recommend a beekeeper to you

Reduce the threat

The easiest way to remove the threat of being stung by a bee or wasp is to treat and remove their nest.




close up of an insect

Don't put up with wasps or bees in your garden

Call the experts at Fast Away Services (UK) Ltd

Fast Away Services (UK) Ltd provides safe, speedy and convenient bee and wasp removal. We work for both homeowners and commercial organisation, just get in touch with our team on: 0800 515 856.

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